January 30, 2014

Multiple 4 star reviews for new album Live

De Volkskrant, one of the top Dutch newspapers is the first to review Benjamin Herman’s new album ‘Live‘, rating it 4 stars out of 5!
Not only  is the paper highly positive about Benjamin Herman’s skills and the album in its entirety, but it also praises the accompanying musicians on the album, being Miguel Rodriguez (piano), Ernst Glerum (bass) and guest musician Joris Roelofs (clarinet). De Volkskrant stated:

“The whole album is characterized by a relaxed and joyful mood.”

“Herman shines [..] with bass clarinetist Joris Roelofs in personally composed ‘Rednose Distrikt’.”

Similarly, the Noordhollands Dagblad rated the album with 4 out of five stars and also expressed great enthousiasm for the album. One of the striking quotes stated:

“Fitting with the positive reviews of the first part of the recordings from his previous album Cafe Solo [..], the music on Live is gloomy, cozy 50’s jazz music”

“Ideal, groovy music for an unrestrained night out”  


The album is out now and can be ordered / streamed at the Dox Records webshop.


Read the Volkskrant review below (Dutch only).