Swing de Paris – Vol. 2 (2021)

New Cool Collective Dansé Dansé

New Cool Collective XXV

Electric Monkey Sessions 2

Bughouse (2018)

Project S (2018)

New Cool Collective Big Band featuring Thierno Koite

New Cool Collective Big Band featuring Thierno Koite

Swing de Paris (2015)

Electric Monkey Sessions (2014)

Trouble (2014)

For years, Benjamin Herman has formed a frighteningly tight trio with Ernst Glerum and Joost Patočka. Whether its compositions from Misha Mengelberg, jazz evergreens or original works, these are all interpreted with vision and “rollicking virtuosity’’ (Volkskrant). Erupting from Herman’s creative spirit and the two worlds of Glerum (ICP Orchestra) and Patočka (Rita Reys), the […]

Live (2014)

Since 2007, Benjamin Herman has been playing twice a month at the De Kring in Amsterdam. Several of his albums, including Campert, Hypochristmastreefuzz and Café Solo, resulted directly from his musical activities at this legendary arts society. His latest album Live has Herman and his quartet playing on the occasion of De Kring’s 90th anniversary. […]

Chin Chin (2013)

Celebrating 20 years of New Cool Collective. The album ‘Chin Chin’ is out now as a special deluxe edition cd and LP and as digital download! It is a record containing many different styles; think crime jazz, burlesque and Ian Siegal’s Swagger. Austro-Hungarian-American director, producer and actor Otto Preminger was also an influence for the band. The […]

Café Solo (2013)

Benjamin Herman: “This album is special for me in the sense that I wanted the actual sound of my horn to be the focus on this album. Not chops or material. With just Ernst and Joost there’s so much space in the music. I had actually never tried recording an album this way. Joost and […]

Deal (2012)

Benjamin Herman: Late 2010 award winning Dutch film director Eddy Terstall asked me to do the film score for a thirty minute film based on a script he had written. The movie was about a boy, a girl and two thousand euro’s. Somewhere along the line the whole thing morphed into a full length movie. […]

Sherrie Britton (7″ vinyl) (2011)

Hypochristmastreefuzz – Special Edition (2010)

Hypochristmastreefuzz (2008) was Herman’s 13th CD and his second album that exclusively consists of compositions by pianist Mischa Mengelberg. Together with Anton Goudsmit, Ernst Glerum and Joost Patocka, Benjamin enchanted audiences with legendary pieces such as “Wij Gaan Naar De Italiaan” (We’re Going Out For Italian), “De Sprong, O Romantiek Der Hazen” (The Romantic Jump […]

Made In China (7″ vinyl) (2010)

Benjamin Herman, Janne Schra & Jelte Heringa. The four songs on this single are written an recorded in a cozy little villa in Shanghai China between August 11 – 18, 2010 as a part of the ‘In A Cabin With’ project.

Deelder 65 (2009)

Benjamin Herman & Jules Deelder 65th Anniversary release for and with Jules Deelder. It contains a 10″ vinyl and a CD. The CD is a digital duplicate of the vinyl and comes in a completely black sleeve, simply inserted in the vinyl’s outer sleeve. Sold out!

Blue Sky Blond (2009)

Blue Sky Blond is the tenth solo album of alt saxophone player Benjamin Herman. Herman, who received the prestigious Edison Award and became third in the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Jazz Award in 2008 with the unique ‘Campert’ album. With the release of Campert and the release of his former solo record Hypochristmasthreefuzz Benjamin Herman proves […]

Hypochristmastreefuzz (2008)

Veelvuldig onderscheiden saxofonist Benjamin Herman komt dit najaar uit met zijn 9e solo album ‘Hypochristmastreefuzz (More Mengelberg)’.  Deze cd, uitsluitend gevuld met composities van de Nederlandse piano  icoon Misha Mengelberg, is wederom een knik in de lijn van Herman’s  productieve carriére. Zijn trio, bestaande uit ICP veteraan Ernst Glerum op bas en Rita Reys’ vaste […]

Campert (2007)

In November 2007 Benjamin Herman released an album inspired by the Dutch “Vijftigers” writer Remco Campert. Starting point of this album was the 15 minute soundtrack Herman wrote for a documentary about this legendary writer. Inspired by Campert’s poetry, Benjamin decided to go back into the studio and extend the material and record some extra […]

The London Session (2006)

In 2005 Benjamin was invited to progamme Rotterdam’s International Jazz Festival and being a huge fan of Stan Tracey, he managed to track Stan down for a gig together with Dutch trombonist Bart van Lier. After this succesfull show Benjamin asked Stan to record a album with him and so the London Session was a […]

Durban Poison (12″ vinyl) (2005)

With Durban Poison Herman is presenting part 2 of his funky, dance tunes. The first part was his 45 groovy ‘Skunkaholic’ and now we have ‘Durban Poison’, a new improvised raw funk studio session. This time on orange vinyl!

The Itch (2005)

On ‘The Itch’ Herman, together with the brilliant trio of Anton Goudsmit (guitar), Ernst Glerum (bass) and Han Bennink (drums), offers up a mix of surf, guitar and ‘cocktailjazz’. A mix of Doris Day, Dick Dale and Gene Krupa so to speak…..

Skunkaholic (7″ vinyl) (2004)

“Off-the-wall excellence on this tripped out, funk-dub, heavy grooving live 7″ from jazz saxophonist Benjamin Herman.”

Heterogeneity (2004)

Benjamin Herman plays Jaki Byard (2002)

Benjamin Herman plays Misha Mengelberg (2000)

Get In (1999)

Café Alto (1997)

Eighteen (2011)

New Cool Collective - Eighteen

For eighteen years now, New Cool Collective has brought countless venues to the boiling point when sweat is literally dripping from the ceiling. Right back to the furthest, hidden corners the public would be swept up with hair was sticking to their faces and their feet airborne. Whether it’s the nineteen-piece Big Band or the […]

In Concert (2010)

The first ever LIVE album by New Cool Collective is the perfect overview of 15 Years New Cool Collective live. Playing all over the world, keeping the sounds fresh and up to date, New Cool Collective never a dull moment. After releasing over 10 albums in over 12 Years, the first live album is a fact. […]

NCC Big Band – Pachinko (2010)

How many sounds can a big band make? Many…  Jazz is often defined as “music of the moment” because musical decisions must be made in the moment in response to the moments of other musicians—that in turn influence the next moment. This approach makes jazz the both personal and intense of genres. So we disagree […]

Typhoon & New Cool Collective – Chocolade EP (2009)

New Cool Collective recorded this EP with Dutch rapper Typhoon. The EP also features collaborations with ‘de Fakkelbrigade’, Giovanca and O-Dog. ‘Chocolade’ is a compilation of exclusive new tracks, a remix of the Typhoon song ‘Bumayé’ and live recordings. Released by  Top Notch –

New Cool Collective ft. Los Papines & Mapacha Africa – Sugar Protocol (2009)

With New Cool Collective being known for their unique sound, there are proving right on their 8th album more than ever. After the last, very succesfull, album ‘Out Of Office’ which is released in Japan, Greece, Germany and the Benelux they return with a instant classic. Jazz already was no longer the standard for New […]

Out Of Office (2008)

Since 1994 New Cool Collective have been known for their unique sound: a mix of jazz, dance, Latin, and salsa. Massive, energetic, and made for dancing, with the big band of 19 members or in the small formation of eight men. After Trippin’, the last small formation album, these eight guys now take themselves to […]

Big Band Live (2007)

Trippin’ (2005) featuring Tony Allen

Bring It On (2002)

BIG (1999)

MORE! Souljazzlatinflavoursninetiesvibes (1997)

Souljazzlatinflavoursninetiesvibes (1996)

VOLUME 2 – Vinyl EP (1995)

VOLUME 1 – Vinyl EP (1994)