June 22, 2012

Raving reviews for Deal are rolling in

Rave reviews for Deal are rolling in! The album received four stars from both Nu.nl and Volkskrant. Metro and Funkimag were also lyrical in their praise.

Nu.nl: ‘Deal offers, among many things, Tarantino-esque licks, a tribute to Angelo Badalamenti (known for his work from Twin Peaks), along with a few shards from Turkish Fruit. Herman does continue to walk his own path with his compositions, but then without ever losing focus on the filmic aspects. This won’t be his last film project. Deal is an open job application to all imaginable directors – and it’s a strong application.’’

Metro: ‘Deal is once again special. The album sounds like wet streets and smoky bars. The sound is as rough as it’s sweet, with lots of reverberations of lazy melodies and a rhythm section that struts like a 70s funk band.’’

Buy Deal now on CD (with free poster) or as digital download (including bonus tracks) via iTunes. At the beginning of July, a coloured-vinyl edition will be released complete with free downloadable album and extra bonus tracks!