Benjamin Herman


1-6 Guest appearance De Raggende Mannen, Kaderock, Den Haag

4-6 NPO Soul & Jazz 19:00-20:00 (also available as Podcast)

8-6 BH’s HAMMOND HULLABALOO ft Carlo de Wijs, Jazz In Duketown, Den Bosch

8-6 DJ set with Rita Lynn, Jazz In Duketown, Van Aken, Den Bosch 23:30-02:00

9-6 The Kik speelt Boudewijn de Groot, Hellofestival, Emmen

9-6 Guest appearance Tim Kerssies 4tet, Klein New Orleans Festival Utrecht

10-6 BENJAMIN HERMAN Trio Jazz In Duketown, DenBosch

11-6 NPO Soul & Jazz 19:00-20:00 (also available as Podcast)

12-6 Guest appearance with Jean Claire de Ruwe, Back and Fourth, Utrecht

14-6 Guest appearance Dutch Jazz Collective, LantarenVenster, Rotterdam

15-6 Guest appearance Bosco, Bergen Op Zoom

16-5 BH’s BUGHOUSE, Houtfestival, Haarlem

18-5 NPO Soul & Jazz 19:00-20:00 (also available as Podcast)

19-5 Session at De Kring, Amsterdam

21-6 Guest appearnce Festival d’Ambleny, Ambleny. (Fr)

22-6 Guest appearnce Festival d’Ambleny, Ambleny. (Fr)

25-6 NPO Soul & Jazz 19:00-20:00 (also available as Podcast)

28-6 Guest appearance Amsterdamse Studenten Big Band, CREA, Amsterdam

29-6 BH’s HAMMOND HULLABALOO ft Simon Oslander, Jazzboot, Rotterdam

30-6 Jazzroute with Codarts students, Jazzbunker, Rotterdam


2-7 NPO Soul & Jazz 19:00-20:00 (also available as Podcast)

3-7 Session at De Kring, Amsterdam

5-7 NCC Blow! Kerkrade

8-7 Workshop with BUGHOUSE Conservatorium van Amsterdam

9-7 NPO Soul & Jazz 19:00-20:00 (also available as Podcast)

11-7 BH’s BUGHOUSE, Rotown, Rotterdam

13-7 Michel Camillo Big Band, North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam

14-7 BH’s BUGHOUSE, North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam

16-7 NPO Soul & Jazz 19:00-20:00 (also available as Podcast)


Benjamin Herman got his first saxophone at the age of twelve. At thirteen he was already playing on the professional club circuit. By the time he was twenty years old he was appearing with different groups around the world and initiating projects of his own. His fame spread beyond jazz circles in the 1990s when he formed the groundbreaking ensemble New Cool Collective. Having made a name as soloist while still a teenager, Benjamin Herman has appeared on over a hundred records with all kinds of artists, from Candy Dulfer to Misha Mengelberg. Herman has also built a career in The Netherlands and abroad as a composer. With New Cool Collective as well as with his smaller bands. He is a well respected craftsman who’s playing is firmly rooted in jazz tradition. His gigs are strongly influenced by dance floor jazz, surf and punk music, free jazz and traditional music from all over the world, attracting adventurous music fans of all genres as well as straight ahead jazz aficionados.

Today Benjamin Herman is one of the most original and productive jazz musicians in the Netherlands exploring influences beyond the confines of the jazz world. After starting his own record label ‘Roach Records’ in 2004 Benjamin Herman produced a string of cd’s and vinyl’s. He recorded and toured with amongst others Paul Weller, Dr. John, Tony Allen, Stan Tracey, Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennink, Peter Maffay, programmed several festivals, played all over the globe and worked on numerous personal projects. Amongst many awards and prizes are the prestigious VPRO/Boy Edgar Award and ‘Best Dressed man’ by Esquire magazine.

In 2017 New Cool Collective released two new albums (one featuring Senegalese alto saxophonist Tierno Koite of Orchestra Baobab) and Benjamin released a live album on the ICP label with The Quartet NL. An all star Dutch foursome with drummer Han Bennink (74), bassist Ruud Jacobs (78) and pianist Peter Beets.

In 2018 to celebrate his 50th birthday Benjamin has released ‘Project S’, an ode to Johan Cruyff’s car of choice the ‘Citroën SM’ and ‘Bughouse’ with guitarist Reinier Baas, bassist Peter Peskens (Jungle By Night) and legendary hard core drummer Olav van den Berg (Lärm, Seein’ Red, Marxbros). In October Benjamin will be releasing an album with his jazz trio featuring young Dutch soloists.