January 16, 2018

Benjamin Herman turns 50

Benjamin Herman will be turning fifty in May. He is celebrating his birthday with the release of three albums to be released in spring summer and autumn. The first is an album on which he tips his hat to some of his first heroes from the ’80s. Xero Slingsby, John Lurie, James Chance. A punk jazz album with 23 original new songs performed with young guitar magus Reinier Baas, bass boy wonder Peter Peskens (Jungle BY Night, The Mysterons) and unstoppable hard core drum legend Olav van den Berg (Lärm, Seein’ Red, Marxbros).

The second album is augmented music for a documentary about the Citroën SM, aan amazing automobile designed by Citroën and fitted with a Maserati engine. The music is a combination of French wunderkind Serge Gainsbourg and undisputed king of lounge, Italian saxophonist Fausto Papetti, two of Benjamin’s later heroes in life. This album should fit nicely in your record collection next to Benjamin’s album’s ‘Blue Sky Blond’ and ‘Deal’

The third album wil be with his jazz trio and will feature a number of young Dutch jazz players that Benjamin has got to know through his sessions at De Kring in Amsterdam in the past 12 years. These sessions have proven to be a wonderful way of developing new repertoire and making new friends. Albums like ‘Campert’, ‘Hypochristmastreefuzz’ ‘Café Solo’, ‘Live’ and ‘Trouble’ (featuring vocalist and pianist Daniel von Piekhartz) were a direct result of these after hour get togethers.

Look out for news on gig dates and record releases.