Out Of Office (2008)

Since 1994 New Cool Collective have been known for their unique sound: a mix of jazz, dance, Latin, and salsa. Massive, energetic, and made for dancing, with the big band of 19 members or in the small formation of eight men.

After Trippin’, the last small formation album, these eight guys now take themselves to a new level with this record: Out of Office. “We keep trying to cross boundaries. We are always on a journey.” This journey has been a metaphorical one through many different music styles, but was in this case  a literal one as well: “On the road to concerts we were listening to loads of music: Pharoah Sanders, Mongo Santamaria, Jackie Mittoo and from Mars Volta to The Hives.

The guys that once brought jazz to the dance floor have now arrived at their seventh album. A record with a whole new groove: the sound, though still jazzy and dance-able, has become deeper and darker. This new record takes unexpected turns and fresh brass-sounds create an atmosphere that’s bigger and darker, “nearly cinematic”. Out of Office sounds unrestricted, more nochalant, and is sturdier than their previous work, even rock influences are clearly audible. “


1 Lang Lang 4:06
2 Scuzzy Skank 5:36
3 Boca Arriba 6:11
4 Afrokan 6:04
5 A. A. 4:34
6 Out Of Office 4:50
7 Jules 4:43
8 Out Of Office (Reply) 0:31
9 Buldeo 4:51
10 Gigged Up 5:24
11 Don't Fix It 2:48
12 Twang 3:58
13 Boca Arriba (Skit) 0:56
14 P.S. 5:56
15 Hour Glass 3:12