Chin Chin (2013)

Celebrating 20 years of New Cool Collective. The album ‘Chin Chin’ is out now as a special deluxe edition cd and LP and as digital download! It is a record containing many different styles; think crime jazz, burlesque and Ian Siegal’s Swagger. Austro-Hungarian-American director, producer and actor Otto Preminger was also an influence for the band. The album consists of new recordings as well as tracks written specially for the soundtrack of the film ‘Toegetakeld door de liefde’ (Devastated by Love) by Ari Deelder.


1 The Canteen
2 Chin Chin
3 Hoover Flag
4 Devastated
5 D Minor Complex
6 Samba Kitsu
7 Little Fires
8 Afrogogo
9 Pont Faidherbe
10 Dream
11 Chief Second
12 Bar
13 The Gift
14 Sonja
15 Wino
16 Strip
17 Cocktail
18 Tramspotting
19 Pura Vida
20 Triple Xmas
21 Run In Circles