Trouble (2014)

For years, Benjamin Herman has formed a frighteningly tight trio with Ernst Glerum and Joost Patočka. Whether its compositions from Misha Mengelberg, jazz evergreens or original works, these are all interpreted with vision and “rollicking virtuosity’’ (Volkskrant). Erupting from Herman’s creative spirit and the two worlds of Glerum (ICP Orchestra) and Patočka (Rita Reys), the formation’s work is always of the highest class.

The new album Trouble with the young and exceptionally talented singer/pianist Daniel von Piekartz adds a new chapter to their collaboration. Songs from Fats Waller, Henry Mancini and Sly Stone get a postmodern make-over that will inspire many concert-goers to willingly miss that last tram home. And naturally, the musical fireworks that we’ve come accustomed are still in full effect – and now supplemented with a role from Spanish pianist Míguel Rodríguez.


1 A Slow Hot Wind 04:26
2 Smoke Dreams Of You 03:11
3 Blue Velvet 04:10
4 You Got Me On So Bad 03:57
5 Curacao 06:04
6 Wishful Thinkin' 03:27
7 Trouble 04:08
8 Love The From Spartacus 03:44
9 Lilac Wine 06:32
10 You Must Believe In Spring 07:26
Vinyl Bonus Track
Autumn Serenade 05:30